Interbay’s Day With The Rays

Interbay Little League

Interbay Little League was invited by the Tampa Bay Rays to join the local big league team on the field prior to a home game vs the New York Mets on Aug. 8 as part of the Rays Tee-Ball Initiative.

Interbay’s contingent was able watch pregame workouts on the field and greet Rays players as they made their way onto the turf at Tropicana Field. Then, as the Rays players took the field for the first time, they were joined by members of Interbay Little League, who stood next to the major leaguers as the national anthem was played.

The Rays Tee-Ball Initiative is a program that provides free jerseys and caps to local leagues for their tee ball divisions. Interbay Little League has proudly taken part in the program since it was established.

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